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We hope to answer all of your most frequently asked questions here! There are always a handful of questions which pop up over and over by our customers so we thought it would be helpful to add a “FAQ” section to our site to answer some of the more common questions!

Question #1

I don’t live in the USA, Can You Sell / Ship READYxWICK™ to me?

Answer #1

No. READYxWICK™ is made of a material which is a protected and restricted United States Technology. If caught selling, shipping, or owning this product outside of the USA you could be subject of fines per infraction of up to $750,000.00

Question #2

I recently tried to make a purchase from but it keeps telling me that my address doesn’t match! Help!

Answer #2

Our credit processor has tightened up their security and now requires that the billing address that you enter in the transaction match EXACTLY to what you have listed as the billing address with your credit card.

For Example:

“PO Box 123” is NOT the same as “P.O. Box 123” (The periods)

“123 Love Lane” is NOT the same as “123 Love Ln” (Lane vs. Ln)

“222 Dog Rd.” Is NOT the same as “222 Dog Road” (Rd vs Road)

We understand that in reality the addresses do match to a human who is smart enough to read, but to a computer these types of examples do not match and will cause the authentication to fail and the transaction to be denied.

The solution is to make sure that the billing address is an EXACT match. More often than not when we get calls on this it always turns out that something in the billing address doesn’t match. We suggest that you take a look or contact your credit card provider to verify what they have listed for your billing address and be sure to use that exact address when you are checking out on

Question #3

I recently tried to make a purchase from, 1 or more of my attempts were denied but now I’m seeing “charges” on my bank statement! Why did I get charged multiple times???

Answer #3

The good news is that these are NOT “charges” - They are ONLY “Pending Transactions” and they will not be charged to your account if the authentication approval was denied. They should fall off your account in a couple to few days automatically.

What happens that makes this happen is this:

1) Our Credit Processor sends a request to your financial institution to verify your account.

2) Your financial institution “locks up” the $ as a “Pending Transaction”

3) Your financial institution replies with what it has listed as your security information.

4) If the security (billing address, name, zip, etc) doesn’t match the transaction is denied

5) At this point, your financial institution should unlock the funds remove the “Pending Transaction”.

But sometimes, this doesn’t happen right away. Furthermore, if you attempt, and are denied multiple times, it could lock up funds as “pending charges” multiple times.

Question #4

Do I need to boil READYxWICK™ before I use it to be safe?

Answer #4

No. READYxWICK™ is “ready” to use right out of the bag. We have properly kiln heat treated it and made it as safe as possible to use. However, you certainly can boil it if it would make you feel safer. Boiling it could help reduce some of the “dust” that naturally occurs when dry heat treating this product.

Question #5

Does offer wholesale accounts for READYxWICK™?

Answer #5

YES we DO! Please see information listed here:

Question #6

Is Jeremy the COOLEST guy ever?

Answer #6

ABSOLUTELY!… nah, just kidding! This is just a place holder for more questions! :)

Jeremy Colvin ~ Owner