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Magma (SS or BL)

The Magma V2 RDA (rebuildable dripper atomizer) clone, by Infinite, is a uniquely designed unit available with brass, copper, or silver rings. The 22mm diameter makes it easy to sit flushed with your existing device, the dome chamber top cap allows a channeling for better juice flavor, and the extended juice basin can offer up to 40 drops of liquid with minimal risk of leakage. Two poles are welded for reinforced durability, while the 3mm measurements of each pole provides easy rebuild for a better conducitivity. The dual "direct to coil" airhole creates outstanding efficiency in juice flavor and vapor production and the various airhole sized selection enables different vapor draw outcome. Finally, the positive insulator is hidden to reduce the risk of melting and the o-ring less design makes it easier on maintenance.


 ~ Stainless Steel Construction w/silver, brass, or copper ring

 ~ 22mm diameter

 ~ Two 3mm wide poles (Screw type - shoot and screw) easier to rebuild and better conductivity

 ~ New technology - dual DIRECT TO COIL airhole (around 1.5mm away from coils) for maximized flavor and vapor

 ~ External airflow selection (1mm, 2mm, 3mm), options for single or dual airflow - for ease of use

 ~ Extended juice basin - can hold up to 40 drops of juice with minimal chance of leakage (for a dripper)

 ~ Poles are welded to the base for durability

 ~ Positive insulator hidden in the base to avoid melting

 ~ O-ring less - to make it maintenance free

 ~ Dome chamber top cap for better flavor